iStock_000007084814_MediumBy these services, HR Expert offers you the possibility to evaluate objectively and thoroughly the competences of the personnel (employed or to be employed) at execution or managerial level.

The Assessment Centre involves simulation, as close to reality as possible, of the working conditions required by a certain job, emphasising the key or sensitive points in order to obtain performance in the respective job. The assessment starts from the behavouir involved by the respective and the participants in the in the Assessment Centre will cover various activities and exercises, such as: group discussions, role playing, structured interviews, psychological and aptitude testing, simulation exercises and presentations. The variety of the used techniques allows the evaluation of the candidate on a wide range of relevant competences for the respective job.

The working methodology and instruments re developed according to the education level of the category to be assessed, taking into account the degree of difficulty (for discrimination within the group) and technical accuracy (e.g. fidelity, empiric validity, etc.).