HR Expert has introduced successfully on the human resources market a new concept, a new approach envisaging to meet potential candidates in a pro-active manner, to know them and understand their strong points and aspirations. This process helps HR Expert identify the job that fits best the candidate’s profile.

The specialists of „HR Expert” handle the best techniques to identify suitable candidates. They are offered both consultancy services and advice of high quality, all these resulting from a good knowledge of the market and profile requirements.

The world is in continuous change and HR Expert answers this change with a flexible, positive and professional. HR Expert meets the clients’ highest requirements, managing to identify the most suitable candidates for various fields of activity.

HR Expert pays special attention to each project and the positive results represent the capabilities of HR Experts specialists in the Company. The passion, presence and performance are the HR Expert teams approach.

„HR Expert” is a company that renders human resources services on the Romanian and international market. Its main purpose is the development of a new business concept on the Romanian market of human resources, bringing a new mentality for our clients, both companies and candidates, at the same time creating a perfect balance managing to offer a quality – fast – accessible ratio.
„HR Expert” has recently opened offices in Bucharest, Ploiesti and Constanta and intends to extend its network of offices all over the country and not only here.
The „HR Expert” team is made up only of professional people, with a high level of training, dedicating their time to offering you the best human resource services.